Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sterling Silver Tatting Shuttles

     Here are three sterling silver tatting shuttle I've made.

Montana Agates, 2 13/16" X 15/16".

Turquoise and Malachite, 2 1/4" X 5/8".

      The color of turquoise ranges from dark to light blues and dark to light greens.


Man-Made Precious Opal, 2" x 5/8" 

     This is my favorite. I have small hands and this one fits nicely.  The great thing about man-made precious opal, is it's durability for this purpose.  The opal comes in a block, every saw cut is guaranteed "fire", and it won't crack.  Since natural opal is composed of water (producing the "fire"), through time the opal can crack.  Also, the "fire" is a thin film.  If you grind too much away, you'll grind away the "fire" (this is very costly).   Another note of trivia, most people refer to precious opal as fire opal.  Yes, the opal has "fire"/sparkle in it, but fire opals are actually orange to red in color, not white.

 They are all for sale, see my Face Book page, under Tatting Shuttles for details:  West Pine Creations.

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  1. Ummm, yeah, i would almost KILL for one of those beauties ! :))