Thursday, March 22, 2012


     I like dinosaurs, so it is common for my husband and I to add "saurus" to the end of things.  Whenever he'd see me tatting, he would say "are you tattasaurusing" or "are you a tattasaurus".  It seemed fitting to call my series of books "Tattasaurusing".  Each book is 1/2 - page size, allowing it to fit in a small handbag.
     The first thing I learned to tat was cross bookmarks.  They still drive me today.  I never get tired of them.  I liked to tat with the size 80 thread, but the stores had it in white, black, or ecru.  I like colors...lots of colors!!  I came across some Star tatting thread in an antique/collectible store.  I would fill my shuttle and tat as many crosses as I could get out of the shuttle.  Since the thread was hard to find, I didn't want to waste the little bit on the shuttle.  So, I started making up little motifs and bobbles from the small amount of string.  We have a little 18" Christmas tree, so these little decorations were perfect.

      My first book is "Baubles & Motifs".  It consists of  9 baubles and 12 motifs can be made from the same patterns.  The bauble patterns are:  7-Point Starburst, 6-Hearts, Universal Bauble (two versions), 12-Rings, Simply Small Bauble, 8-Lovely Hearts, and Rainbow Pearl.

     My second book is "Baubles & Motifs II".  It consists of  8 baubles and 9 motifs can be made from the same patterns. The bauble patterns are: White Rose Bauble, White Picot Rose Bauble, Small Flower Bauble (two versions), Frilly Bauble, 7-Damsels, Icy Bauble, and Tulip Bauble.
     The next book I'm currently working on has three tatting shuttle cases and two old fashioned purses (metal-framed with a chain for the handle).  

My Christmas Tree

     Well, back to tatting.  I just finished the other, matching boarder and need to finish a doily for my great aunt.

     My books are on Face Book:  West Pine Creations

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  1. Oh, did you ever meet THE Tattysaurus? He's been floating around in cyberspace for around 15 - 20 years? Born in the UK here's a link to him.