Monday, March 12, 2012

 Matching Earrings

     So, now you may have started the necklace and/or bracelet from my last post, and need the matching earrings to complete you outfit.
     For the earrings, I wanted a cascading effect so I made up a simple pattern of five rings and two chains.   I used the same size 3 crocheting thread.  For smaller earrings, use smaller thread.  The joining picots use 4 mm beads and the beads on the working thread, of the chains, are 2 mm.  The decorative bead at the bottom can be any size (I used 6 - 8 mm beads).

©2011 Marie

 The Piney Woods Tatting is doing a St. Pat's Tats Event give-away, so check out her blog.  Rachel does wonderful Celtic-style, needle tatting with beads and buttons.  You can also check out here web site: .


  1. Lovely pattern! I especially like the turquoise and peach combination.