Friday, March 30, 2012

Snowflake Doily

     This doily is for one of my Great Aunts.  It was featured in Handy Hands, Winter 2012 news letter.  This issue of the news letter was from:  "Tatting" by Penelope, Bk 4.

The thread is Anchor's size 10 metallic crochet thread, in white with a gold filament (the gold didn't show up in the picture).  The doily is 15" across.  This will make a lovely Easter gift for my great aunt.


  1. Oh, my GOSH - that's my only ever doily that I used to love making back in my teens!!! YIKES - that's a long time ago. It was published in Penelope Book 4 here in the UK. I worked it several times and once in a silk sewing thread - purely to get colour into my work. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Beautiful!! I'm working on the same doily in a pale blue varigated thread.

  3. Its a wonderful pattern! The star lines in combination with the curcles of the rings!Gunhild

  4. I want the pattern :(

    1. This pattern is from "tatting by Penolpoy, book 4". This may be in the antique library, on the web.