Monday, March 19, 2012

Shuttle Box

     The pattern for this shuttle box was from Dianna Stevens, "It's in the Bag!".  Made with size 30 crochet thread, gold and blue 6/0 beads, larger blue beads, and opalite beads.  The foundation was a cracker boxed, covered with heavy fabric.  The tatting was glued on with "Tacky Glue".

 The back side.

The bottom.

      The contents.

     Size 12 pearl cotton thread, two shuttles and a doily.   The doily is a lovely pattern from "The Workbasket" magazine, March 1964.  The pattern is named "Star Tatted Doily", but I call it "Hearts and Butterflies".  I have one more row to finish.  The last two rows, consist of three threads, so I had to stack my shuttles for the chains.  To make it easier, one shuttle is a post-type and the other a bobbin.  This way I could tighten the bobbin, to match the length of post shuttle.

My shuttles.

     The shuttle on the left is a "Clover" shuttle, with fingernail stickers.  I put a little colorless fingernail polish on it to make sure the stickers don't come off.  I haven't had a problem with stickers or polish coming off.  I've tried this on the "Lacis" shuttle, and the polish comes peels off after awhile.  The stickers stayed on, so try it without the polish.
     The shuttle on the right is an "Aero" shuttle with the ends cut away.  Visit Decoromana's Blog on how to make this shuttle.  I used fabric instead of a napkin.

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  1. I saw those little boxes at a yarn store for the first time this weekend. They look perfect for tatting. I hadn't even thought of decorating them, but this one is lovely!

    Jessica (