Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turquoise Thank You

    This is a thank you present to a very special lady.  She is my "Church Mom".  We can never have enough mothers looking after us.  Of course, they can never replace our natural mom's.  I am truly, blessed with an awesome mother...parents.  My "Church Mom" had given me some silver smithing supplies and opal triplets, from Spencer Opal mine, in eastern Idaho.  My "Church Mom" wears this beautiful, turquoise top but needs a necklace to enhance the shirt.
     This is her necklace.  The bauble is the "Universal Bauble"  design from my first book:  "Tattasaurusing:  Baubles and Motifs" The book is for sale on my Face Book page.  You can get to the link my clicking on the highlighted words or to right of this blog.  The bauble was done in size 80 thread and the adjustable, chain was done in size 10 thread.

18 of 25 Motif Challenge

The glass bauble, is just a plain bauble you can get in the craft section.


  1. very nice. I like the color combination of the threads and the beads.
    is there something in the bauble?

  2. Beautiful necklace! I assume there is a glass-blown piece inside the bauble? That's an amazing hobby!