Monday, September 10, 2012


Set Up:
-         14, 8, & 6 mm tubing
-         # 1 tip
-         Matches/mats/towel/glass cutter/screen/corks
-         Blow tube
Condenser (14, 8, & 6 mm tubing):
-         Use a # 1 tip.
-         Stabilizer (6 mm tubing) (can use the same one from the bubbler tube):
o       Make a maria and taper out the end, next to the maria
o       Blow out a small pressure relief hole near the maria
-         Using 8 mm tubing, make 2 side arms w/maria and a taper near the Maria.
-         Using 8 mm tubing, cut a long piece of tubing. 
o       This will be the inside part of the condenser.
-         Using 8 mm tubing, cut 2 long pieces.
o       Bevel one of the ends, of one of the pieces.
-         Make a long test tube from 14 mm tubing.
-         Attach the side arm near the end of the test tube.
-         Make a bubbler tube.
-         Attach the second side arm approximately 2-3 cm from the end of the center tube.
-         Cork all the side arms.
o       Collapse the outer walls until they touch the inner tube.
o       Continue heating and pull off the end, causing a ring seal.
o       DON’T STOP!!
o       Attach the blow tube to the end and remove the corks from the side arms.
o       Heat the center of the ring seal and blow out.
o       DON’T STOP!!
o       Attach the other end of the tube. 
-         Cut the extra tubing off of the side arms and fire polish. finally have your A and successfully finished the course.  

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