Friday, September 14, 2012


     I had gotten these shirts, last fall, on clearance with the intentions of tatting them up.

"Sunbonnet Sue Motif", found in The Big Book Of Tatting, by Darlene Polachic.  The doll was done in pearl cotton #8.

 Anne B's famous dragon in Lizbeth, size 20 Fruit Frizz. The color didn't show up in the picture.  I added stars with silver glitter fabric paint (Silver Glitter Puffy Paint by Tulip).

This was part of a motif for a trolly mat.  I made a mistake on the third round and decided to use fabric paint to finish it out.  this looks great in person!!  The thread was Lizbeth, size 80, Wildflower Garden.


  1. those look very nice. have fun wearing them

  2. These are all great ideas! I never paid attention to the sunbonnet Sue in the book, and she's so cute! Also, I love the glitter fabric paint idea! The dragon looks especially mystical, and the round motif is really enhanced! I'm interested in the brand of paint that you used.