Monday, September 3, 2012

Bubbler Tube
Set Up:
-         14, 8, & 6 mm tubing
-         # 1 tip
-         Matches/mats/towel/glass cutter/screen/corks
-         Blow tube

Bubbler Tube (14, 8, & 6 mm tubing):
-         Use a # 1 tip.
-         Stabilizer (6 mm tubing):
o       Make a maria and taper out the end, next to the maria
o       Blow out a small pressure relief hole near the maria
-         Using 8 mm tubing, make a side arm w/maria and a tapered near the Maria.
-         Using 8 mm tubing cut a long piece of tubing and fire polish one end.  This will be the inside part of the bubbler tube.
-         Using 8 mm tubing, cut another long piece.
-         Make a long test tube from 14 mm tubing.
-         Attach the side arm near the end of the test tube.
o       Insert the fire polished tubing in the test tube w/the unpolished end near the end of the test tube.
o       Insert the stabilizer w/the tapered edge touching the fire polished tubing.
o       Attach blow tube.
o       Heat the end of the test tube until the glass fuses.  This is your ring seal.  DON’T STOP!!
o       Blow out a hole in the center of the ring seal.  DON’T STOP!!
o       Make an end-to-end seal with the last piece of 8 mm tubing.  DON’T STOP!!
o       Make a right angle bend on the 8 mm tubing.
-         Remove the blow tube and stabilizer.
-         Attach the blow tube to one of the 8 mm ends.
-         Make a test tube on the open end at least one cm from the center tube.
Remove excess tubing from the tube with the bend and fire polish.

 You now have your B.

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