Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shrink Tatting Shuttles

     This is a pattern from Georgia Seitz, for a shuttle made out of shrink plastic (Shrinky Dinks).   They are decorated with Sharpies or some other permanent marker.   Punch the holes with a hole puncher but don't cut the slits.

     Bake them at 275 degrees F, for 3 - 5 minutes (or what the instructions say).  Take them out once the shrinking has completed.  Once the pan is removed from the oven, immediately, press them flat, if they are slightly curled.  Flatten them out with a folded piece of foil and an oven mit.   

     Once they are cool, give them a very light coat of colorless spray paint.  Once that coat dries, give them one more coat.  WARNING...don't spray them too much on the first coat!!!!  The chemical reaction between the spray paint and the marker will cause the ink to run.  Cut the slits with a jewelers saw.

      The pattern makes a 2 5/9 X 1" shuttle.  I made them different sized and add "West Pine Creations" and a differnt design. 

     These make excellent shuttles to show people how to tat.  They are inexpenisve to make and very fun. 

 The first shuttle, is the same as the pattern.


  1. Very cool looking shuttles! You did a great job on decorating them.

  2. Good idea. I like how you decorated these.