Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Large Wooden Tatting Shuttles

     These are three of my large tatting shuttle for size ten to size three threads.  I made them all one piece, using a Dremel.  Dremel's are so awesome!!  The top one was made from Alder and the other two were made from black walnut.

Sizes from top to bottom:
26 mm deep, 28 mm wide, and 68 mm long.
25 mm deep, 25 mm wide, and 78 mm long.
25 mm deep, 27 mm wide, and 73 mm long.

Side view.   The "B M"  stands for black walnut and the other side has my initials "M M".


  1. Those are awesome shuttles! I'll have to look up to see what a Dremel tool does. I've heard of them, but that's about it.