Monday, July 23, 2012

End-To-End Seal with Two Different Size Tubing

 Set Up:
-         8 & 14 mm Pyrex tubing
-         # 1 tip
-         Matches/mats/towel/glass cutter/screen
-         Blow tube/cork (use cork....NOT rubber!!)

End-To-End Seal (8 & 14mm tubing):
-         Cut 1 piece of 8 & 14 mm tubing, about 6" long.
-         Use a # 1 tip.
-         Make a test tube from the 14 mm tubing.
-         Heat the end of the test tube and blow a small bulge.
-         Heat the small bulge and blow out the bulge.
-         Flint knap the rough pieces, leaving a small part of the small bulge.
-    Add a small cork stopper to one end of the 8 mm tubing.
-         Heat the ends together of the small bulge and the 8 mm tubing, remove from the heat, push them together then slightly pull them apart.
-         Heat one side and allow to collapse
-         Remove from heat and blow to diameter of surrounding tubing (8 mm).
-         Repeat for the other three sides.
-    Fire polish the ends (heat the ends enough to create a smooth edge).

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