Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tatting Kits and Cases

     Getting ready for the fall craft shows.  I was left with only, two tatting kits, after last years show.  These are great, because they fit nicely in my purse or pocket.

     Small tatting kits: 4" X 3" carrying pouch, 1 - decorated shuttle, 2 - bobbin cards (one full of size 10 thread, and tatting essentials (crochet hook, picot gauge, and pick).

      Large tatting kits (upper left): 5 1/2 " x 3 3/4" pouch, 1 - decorated shuttle, tatting essentials (crochet hook, picot gauge, and pick), 4 bobbins (2 w/size 10 thread).

     The middle sections can hold 2 clover shuttles.  The bottom row is for extra string and my pattern.  The second row is for my tatting essentials and shuttle(s).  The second row has 2 plastic sleeves to protect the fabric.  The back row is for my tatting-in-progress and the thread attached to the tatting.

Tatting casess. The middle pockets have removable, plastic liners for your shuttle(s) and tatting essentials.

Close-up of the small case.