Tuesday, October 30, 2012

25 100 Motif Challenge

        I finished my 25 motif challenge, so I'm starting 100 motif challenge.  Tatting 100 original designs, sets, and large items.

     To start it off...here is my latest design:  Crystal Breeze Pendent.  I found the snowflake at a yard sale.  One of the arms were missing, so I took the rest of the arms off and smoothed the ends with a rubber polishing bit (comes in a Dremel set).  The pin assembly was soldered to the end of the arms, so didn't have to do any extra work on it.

     The pendent was tatted in four rounds with pearl cotton #12 and measures 2 1/2" across.  Can't keep them all, but seriously thinking about keeping this one!!

Crystal Breeze Pendent

(1 of 100 motif challenge)


  1. Beautiful, lovely colour makes think of blue ice.
    It's a pity we can't keep everything we make, but that is one I might keep too.

  2. I missed this post and have to say that this piece is exceptional! If I were you, there is no question that I would keep it! It should be displayed at your shows! I wondered whose beautiful pendant was in the contest that Tatting Corner is running (which I learned about through the blog of Lady Tats Lace.)

    You keep coming up with amazing enhancements to pieces of jewelry! I'm sure Rachel would be impressed! I know I am!