Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm on a Roll

     Diane's Doodad Dare has finally motivated me to gather all of those embellishments, intended for tatting. 

     This embellishment was Grandma's single earring.  I cut the post off and smoothed it down with a rubber polishing point (comes with your Dremel set).  The thread is pearl cotton #12. 

21 of 25 Motif Challenge

Need to look through the jewelry box and give some of that old jewelry a new flare!!! 

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  1. How fun!! Maybe I need to go through my jewelry box. There are only broken pieces in my jewelry box, sadly, but maybe I can turn it into a happy thing. :o)

  2. Beautiful, I think I must go though my jewellery box too

  3. There are so many possibilities now with embellishing jewelry. This earring now has a new purpose, and is nicely sentimental!

  4. I love your glittery goodness! I think I may go looking through my "junk" jewelry to see if there's anything that could use embellishing.

  5. That is a totally gorgeous heart!!! :)