Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

    Does anyone celebrate May Day anymore?  Last Sunday, at Church, one of the little boys was looking at his song bird and thought it was a butterfly.  Explaining butterflies has four wings, not two.  So, I asked him if he wanted a butterfly on a paperclip.  This was simple to design, using size 20 thread.


  1. These are so darling!!! I am so, so, SO very new to tatting, but once I get the hang of reading patterns, I will definitely be making some of these. I would love to pass some out as little gifts to everyone in my bible study group. Thank you for sharing such a sweet project!

  2. I have started making these little butterflies and love your pattern but my last join (the picot where the antennea go through) is twisted!!! Please help. What am I doing wrong??

    1. Donna, when you make the last join, turn the first ring down and over (flip) and make the join.

  3. These are too cute! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Replies
    1. Here you go, Pamel.

      Leave about a 3 inch tail.
      R1: 2-5-2--2-5-2 close ring.
      R2: 2+join to the last picot of R1, 5-3+join to the paper clip, 2 -2 close ring.
      R3: 2+ join to the last picot of R2, 2 +join to the paper clip, 3-5-2 close ring.
      R4: 2 + join to the last picot of R3, 5-2--2-5+ join to the first picot of R1, 2 close ring.
      Tigh the ends together and bing up through the the last picot join. Tie a knot on each of the ends and clip them evenly. Sticknthe paper clip on a page of your favorite tatting book and enjoy.

  5. These are so cute! I just found you and have enjoyed all the different things you offer. I teach a Silver Sneakers class and these would be perfect for my ladies. I hope to learn how to do this. Thanks so much for your inspiration.