Monday, August 27, 2012

Glass Bells

This week you are learning your fun project, before you blow your graded project.  This way you can practice the ring seal technique.

Set Up:
-         14, 8 mm tubing & 2 mm rod
-         # 1 tip
-         Matches/mats/towel/glass cutter/screen/corks
                           Blow tube

 Bells (14 & 8mm tubing & 2 mm rod):
-         Use a # 1 tip.
-         Make a clapper from 2 mm rod:  small ball on one end and closed hook on the other end.  This part is the part that makes the ding.  Make it as long as you like.  I make mine about 1.5".  Make another hook on a 2 mm rod.  Close the hook around the closed hook on the bottom part.  Make sure the clapper moves and you didn't seal the two closed hooks together. Leave this part long so it will go into the 8 mm tubing.
-         Make an end-to-end seal using 14 mm & 8 mm tubing.
-         Insert the clapper assembly into the 8 mm tubing.
-         Collapse the 8 mm tubing, fusing it  around the 2 mm rod.
o       Do this step slowly and don't trap any bubbles during the process.
-         Cut off any extra 14 mm tubing.
-         Flare and the end of the 14 mm tubing.

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