Monday, June 25, 2012

Bulb in the Center of Tubing

Set Up:
-         Blow tube
-         File/glass cutter
-         14 mm tubing
-         Mats, metal plate
-         Matches
-         Towel
-         #3 tip
-         Cork to fit 14 mm tubing

Bulb in Center of Tube (14 mm tubing): 
      Remember:  Hot glass looks the same as cold glass!!  Don't burn the top of your bench, put your hot glass on the ceramic mats. 
     DO ALL YOUR WORK OUTSIDE THE FLAME!!!!  Use the flame to soften your glass.  Keep your glass rotating in the flame, for even heating.
   Cut a piece of tubing about 6" long and cork one side. 

   Make 2 marias, side-by-side, leaving a small gap in between.
   Heat both marias together until they collapse together and the glass has the same thickness.
   Remove molten glass from the flame and blow a bulb.  You may need to reheat and blow again, until the bulb is smooth and without wrinkles.
o       The bulb must NOT exceed 2x’s the diameter of the tubing.
o       The bulb MUST be the same thickness as the tubing.

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