Monday, June 4, 2012


Supply List:
Torch set up

Burt's Bees burn cream/q-tip

Fire extinguisher

Size 3 tip for you torch 

Triangle Stand for Hot Glass

Ceramic mat

8 mm Pyrex tubing (colorless)

Towel (breaking glass)

File/glass cutter

Lighting the torch:

    Use the "POOP" method (propane on, oxygen on, oxygen off, propane off).
     Have your flame (match or striker) ready and hold it near the torch tip.  Turn on the red knob (propane), and obtain about a 6" orange flame.  Turn on the green knob (oxygen), and obtain about a 3/4" blue flame.
     Turning off the oxygen first (green), then the propane (red).  DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THE KNOBS!!!!!  YOU'LL RUIN THE NEEDLE VALVES AND YOUR TORCH WON'T PROPERLY TURN OFF!!!!!!!!!
      Do you work at the tip of the darker blue flame.


     Remember:  Hot glass looks the same as cold glass!!  Don't burn the top of your bench, put your hot glass on the ceramic mats. 
     DO ALL YOUR WORK OUTSIDE THE FLAME!!!!  Use the flame to soften your glass.  Keep your glass rotating in the flame, for even heating.

     Connectors are used to hold the latex or tygon tubing in place.  If they weren't at the end of the glass tube, your flexible tubing would slide off. 

     Practice making perfect miria's by pushing the glass together, but not so much, that the ends touch.  The touching of the glass causes lenses.  This is a stress point and the glass can crack.

     Once the perfect miria's are obtained, make two miria's 5" apart.  Heat near the end of the tubing and pull part of it off, but not all the way off.  Do the same to the other end.  Once the piece cools, score and break off the the end.  Fire polish the ends.

Remember:  Turn off the green knob (oxygen) then turn off the red knob (propane).  DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THE KNOBS!!!!!

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