Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Tea Set and Box

     The tea pot and one of the cup, saucer, and spoon was given to me from my parents.  The other cup set was given to me from my best friend, Jenniffer Dickens (friends since pre-school).  The fabulous tea box was made by Dad from a black walnut tree.  The walnut wood came from my grandpa's farm. 

 Oped the top lid:  Lid for the teapot lid, two spoons and two tea cups.

 Open the side:  Teapot, two saucers and a secret drawer.

The secret drawer (plays music when it's open):  strainer, pot holder, silver spoons for loose leaf tea, and glass spoons for dipping out honey.

Cup, saucer and spoon.

 I still need to design/make two doilies for the saucer.  I have a design drawn out, just need to figure out the number of ds.

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