Monday, May 7, 2012

Glassblowing Supply List

     I purchase most of my supplies from ABR Imagery and my goggles from Sundance Glass.
     Since I blow little things and small scientific glassware, I use a small torch.  The torch I use is a National  3-B-B Premix Hand Torch .  A starter kit is the easiest way to go.  You will also need the stand for it.  I mounted it on my workbench with a ceramic board covering the bench.

     From your torch, attach the hoses and then spark arrestors to the regulators, then your tanks.    My propane tank is a large tank used for a barb-q grill (shown behind the oxygen tank) and a size A oxygen tank.  You can use a larger oxygen tank but this one is easie for me to move around.  A note of safety, secure your oxygen tank with chains or a strap to something sturdy.  This is a safety issue to prevent if from getting knocked over.

      Your didymium goggles should be able to block the yellow/orange flare, and block the UV and IR rays. 

     Other things you will need: 
Size 1 and 3 tips for you torch 
Metal can or metal coffee can (glass waste bin)
Borosilicate glass (Pyrex brand or other):  rod in 6 mm, tubing in 8
          and 14 mm tubing 
Triangle file or a glass cutter
Triangular stand for your hot glass
Striker or a lighter
Approximately 4 X 4" ceramic mats (hot blown glass objects to
          sit on)
Long tweezers
Long 6" nail
Hand towel (for breaking glass, safety)
Heavy wire screen (flint knapping the edges)
Approximately 320 wet/dry sand paper
...any thing I forget, we'll get into later.

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