Friday, May 11, 2012

Tatsmithing:  The Art of Silversmithing With String

     Just in time for Mother's Day.  This book was dedicated to my Mother for Mother's Day.  I am blessed with wonderful parents, who are full of encouragement and praise.  I also thank God, for all the artistic talents He has given me.
     The book is available on Face Book, in "photos", under "Tatsmithingand "books".  The book contains 11 Tatsmithing patterns, progressing from the easiest to the hardest designs.  All patterns are diagrammed.  The finished pieces can be used for pendents, earrings, broaches, hanging from a tree or what ever you desire.  The patterns are:  "Basic Design", "7-sisters Standing Tall", "Stout Agates", "Tall Agates", "Itty-Bitty", "Elegant Jade", "Doublet", "Rosey", "Writing Stone", "Heart Earrings", and "Cross".

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