Monday, May 22, 2017

Pickle Purse

Pikle Purse

     My sister gave me a "Bread & Butter Pikle,"  for Christmas.   I just loved it for all my tatting needs.  I was thinking, this would make a great purse.  I check out their site, "In A Pikle" and found a pikle purse! (Click on the highlighted words, for the links).  I told my hubby about it and he had gotten me one for my birthday.  I just loooooooove it!!!  I like to be organized and hate how things just sit in the bottom of a purse.  This has, organized pouches,  to keep everything in order.  The pikle purse is 9.25 x 7 x 4 inches. 

     The black pickle purse goes with everything.   I made a few hand sanitizers cases, in different colors, to hang on the handle.  So I can change it out with my outfits.   My cheater glasses can hang on the case. 

The purse has zippers on the side, so it will open up further.

     Here is everything my purse holds.  Cell phone, pen, pencil,  keys, a "jot-it". The pouches holds a small tatting case with shuttles and tatting essential, beads, thread, scissors,  needles,  extra fine picot hook, ruler, card holder, pill boxes, purse hanger, wrapped candy hand lotion, lip glass and lip stick.  There are 4 pockets inside for the phone,  pens and cash.  Don't forget to check them out...."In A Pikle."

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