Tuesday, December 27, 2016


     One of my sisters gave me, a little purses are called, "In a Pikle."  They hold the things you may need when you are in a pickle...tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, Bobbie pins, pins and needles, floss, chewing gum, shuttles, beads, tatting thread....

 It has another notch to make it thicker.

 It comes with 8, plastic pouches, elastic holders, and a zipper pocket.

      I filled my small tatting case with the thing, I'm currently working on...2 shuttles, picot hooks and my project.  My pikle is ready to go with the other things that's in the works.
    Filled tatting shuttles, beads...

 .....more beads 

....thread on floss bobbins, floss threaders, cabochons, buttons, Tatsmithing, needles, safety pins, scissors, and thread can.

 ....all folded up and in my purse, ready to go.  Need to make a carrying strap for the D-ring.


  1. Great gift, smart sister! Your hands are beautiful BTW.

  2. That's THE best pickle to be in :-)
    You will enjoy so much creativity ! A great way to start the new year