Saturday, October 29, 2016



    Another way of tatting around the turquoise embellishment.   Last week I posted this, using 4 mm beads.  The alternative, using all seed beads.

      The foundation row is the same.  
      The next row:  During this round, I will pull an extremely small picot (just enough to get a size 15 or 16 crochet hook in).
    1.)  Tat:  1 ds, slide up a seed bead (core thread) and 3 seed beads (working thread), 1. 
    2.)  Lock join between the last cwj and the 1ds (foundation round) will pull a picot here.
Slide up a seed bead (core thread)and Lock join between the 1 ds (foundation round) and the will pull another picot here.
    4.)  Repeat steps 10 - 12 around.

Final Row:
Tat 10 ds, lock join to the thread on top of the single bead (core thread bead).  When you get to the bail, tat the chain 7 -  3.



  1. That looks very sparkly! I like that you've shown two different ways of embellishing. It helps to spark my imagination.

  2. It looks awesome!!! :)
    Thanks for sharing the details!! :)