Thursday, October 27, 2016



    Now for the beads....

     Lover’s Brooch     
© 2016 Marie McCurry

Beads and Terms:

    Experienced tatters can add the beads as you tat the brooch.  Beginners may want to sew them in, after your done tatting the brooch.  Feel free to substitute beads.

Step #4:

   Brooches tatted with DMC floss, the bead sizes are in parenthesis “(  )”.  The black lines show the direction to sew the beads in.

1.)   Attach thread between the 4th and 5th ds of the 8ds section of one of the hearts.  Thread 2 – seed beads SB (3 SB) and sew across on the adjacent heart, attaching in the same location (see diagram).  Use the BOP technique.  Sew this twice.
2.)  Add 5 – 4 mm (4 mm) beads from the bottom of the hearts “dimple” to the rings from step #2 (attach the thread half way down the ring and attach to the adjacent rings in the same location) (see diagram).  Use the BOP technique.  Sew this twice.
3.)  Add 5 – seed beads (3 mm) beads to the rings from step #2.  Use the BOP or BOT (whichever fits) and the TTA technique.  Sew this twice.
4.)  Add 1 – 4 mm (6mm) bead to one of the rings and attach to the opposite directions (see diagram).  Use the BOT and TTA technique.  Sew this twice.

Step #5:
     Sew on the pin bar.  Use the holes and ends to attach the pin bar to the brooch.  Make sure you place the pin bar above the “horizontal axis” (see diagram).  Doing so, will prevent the brooch from “flopping” forward.  

     Add a drop of acid-free glue on the tatting, where the “flap” hits the tatting (see diagram).  This will prevent the tatting from wearing.  This brooch may need to be blocked and stiffened on the large chains and hearts.  The little chains may be blocked.  For a “frillier” effect, do not block the little chains.


  1. Oh thankyou again for pattern this is fabulous and the color🌹