Monday, December 2, 2013

A Thank You

A Thank You

      It's been almost a year, since the massacre at the Sandy Hooke Elementary School in Connecticut.  After that, the town asked the world to send them snowflakes, to decorate their new elementary school.  

     They had received so many snowflakes, that they had to ask people to stop sending them.  I had tatted 20 different snowflakes for the 20 innocent children killed. 

     The other day I had received a wonderful Thank You card for the snowflakes.

Snowflakes I sent.

 The Tatting Corner Restarted their contest, so now it's time to vote:


  1. Oh what a nice thing to do! our mortuary service had a meeting for all who suffered a loss during the year and they gave out little snowflakes, I think that is wonderful. I really like the a lot of them and recognize some but wonder where the triangle at top is from and star at bottom on right.

  2. That was a nice card in the way of a thank you. I sent a snowflake which was posted the day before they asked for no more, I have never heard anything so I hope it got there.
    You sent a beautiful arrangement of snowflakes.

  3. That's lovely that you got a thank-you card.