Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tatting Exchange

     This is a tatting exchange I received from Maria, in Portugal.  The In Tatters did a Mayan Tatting exchange over the winter.  I received this earlier but fitting it in now.   She sent me a beautiful tatted bracelet and matching pendent, a tatted motif embedded into colored resin (made into a pin), cords, doodads, beads, purse frame, wooden box, tatting on a little bag, crochet purse out of plastic bags and more.  I feel so spoiled.  The exchange was to tat something old or Mayan related, with no extras.  Thanks Maria, for all of the awesome goodies.

If you plan on coming out to the Weiser Fiddle Festival, I will be at
 the Saturday Farmers Market (at the train depot)
June 22nd.
 9 am to 1 pm

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  1. Lovely goodies and beautiful collection of thread etc.,