Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mayan Exchange

     I received this lovely exchange from Lea Rako ("Tattalittle), from Australia!!  In Tatters was doing the "Mayan ("End-Of-The-World) Exchange", for the winter exchange.  She went indepth on the meanings of everything she sent.

Beautifully packaged!!

     The beautiful "Doomsday Mat", is 9.5" and the tatting design was one of Iris Niebach free patterns (  The Mayan design was hand printed on one side and plain brown on the other, making this reversable (gorgeous design).  It was done in browns to symbolize chocolate or cocoa.  The design side depicted the past and the plain side, to create something new for the future.  And we all need plenty of chocolate.

    She hand dyed the thread from DMC size 40 (my favorite colors and size).  She explained the meaning of the dyed threads:  as the Mayans excelled, vibrant blues were very important and kept secreat until the 20th century.  

 See really thought this all out, it just blows me away!!  Thank you so much Tattalittle.  I'll treasure this!!

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