Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tatsmithing VII & Another Estate Find

     This is a free form pendent, made with one strand of bright gold and one strand of copper thread.  The combination created a "rose gold" appearance.

Carnelian Agate, 1.75" X 1.5".

     So you ask, how is "rose gold" made?!  Well, put on you safety goggles and get ready for a brief Chemistry lesson in metal alloying.

     Pure gold and silver are too soft to use by themselves, so they are alloyed with another metal for strength.

     Yellow Golds contains: gold, silver, and copper
     White Gold contains:  gold and either nickel, manganese, or palladium.
     Rose Gold contains:  gold and copper
     Green Gold contains:  gold and silver
     Sterling silver contains:  silver and copper
     Brass contains:  copper and zinc
     Bronze contains:  copper and tin
     OK, take of your goggles.  Here are some nifty things I found at an estate sale.

 Crochet ball holder with a cro-tatting hook in the drawer.

 6.25" X 4.25" brass box with a glass lid and gold velvet on the bottom.  This will make a lovely display for my craft shows.

 My "Tatsmithing" ready to go.  I used a removable, black piece of felt to pin the pendents to.

Tin with a crochet-print.

Most of my cabs...ready for "Tatsmithing".

     I also found a box full of thread, ranging from size 50 to size 10.

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  1. Those are quite the treasures! I love your pendant, I'm sure it looks lovely on a chain. I love reading your posts. :-)