Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally a Cross Pendent For Me

     The "Tatsmithed" cross is similar to the pattern I drew out for my silversmithed cross, about 7 years ago.  The only exception,  another heart in the center.  I could never decide whether-or-not to use turquoise or opals for the inlay work inside the hearts.  They are my two favorite stones.

      The cross is 2.5" X 2"

      The stone is an 11 mm round carnelian agate (Christ blood shed for the forgiveness of sins).
     The middle rings are two strands of silver sewing thread (the white/pureness of Christ).
     The hearts are two strands of copper sewing thread (Christ love for us).
     The outer scroll work are two strand of bright gold sewing thread (all His Glory).

     Next week, the matching earrings.

Two of my decorated shuttles.  

     I used fingernail stickers...they are very sticky!!!  I put a few of coat of colorless fingernail polish, on top, so they would move smoothly between my stitches.  Sometimes the larger rhinestones catch and fingernail polish remedies this.  The colorless fingernail polish also worked on my Clover shuttles.  It DID NOT work on my Lacis shuttles.  There was a reaction and the polish peeled off.  The stickers still held.


  1. Those shuttles are SO PRETTY!!! You did a wonderful job!! Your cross is pretty amazing too. Your work is really nice to look at.

  2. I love the cross, well done, and with meaning - great!

  3. Very nice cross!! Love that each part represents something! :)