Friday, June 5, 2020



     I like to take pictures of the progress of a drawing.  I can see how well it is going and when it turns to shit.

     The drawing is one of my mini iris. This time I tried a little mix media. I used Arteza brush markers to lightly color it in, then went over it all with colored pencil.  I used Arteza Professional and Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on grey Strathmore paper.  It was an experiment and and very happy with the result. I have gone over the marker area, several..three or four times with colored pencil. So the marker is, really, not showing through (if so, barely). I am very pleased with the way the two types of pencils work together.  This looks better in person.

The start of the marker, under-painting.

The under-painting completed (marker).

The green part, completed with the colored pencil.


My pallet. 

Framed....better in person.