Thursday, March 8, 2018

Still time Vote....Student of the Month

There is still time to vote for my niece, if you haven't already.  Thank you all who have.

Vote....Student of the Month

    Please vote for my niece for the student of the month,  Selena Killham.

     Selena Killham is a 7th grader at Excelsior Middle School. The 13-year-old volunteers for a variety of breeders associations, 4-H, Girl Scouts and her church. When she heard about the devastation from hurricanes in Texas and Florida, she started a book drive to help storm victims and collected stuffed animals for Operation Underground Railroad. Killham is a "little sister" in Big Brothers Big Sisters. She and her Big Sister have made scarves for the homeless. Killham also teaches sign language to kids at her school and interprets for her mom.

You can vote for her here.

very proud aunt...West Pine Creations...Marie

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