Thursday, May 28, 2015



     ....a girl's gotta match....


  1. Truly can't keep up with all your work! Marvelous jewelry, and lovely designs made while emptying shuttles. You must have an amazing jewel box! One of these days I'm going to try Jane's bracelet.

    Where did you get that exquisite shuttle a few posts back?

    I'm rather distressed to hear about Hobby Lobby eliminating their tatting supplies? I'll have to check out our store soon. I'm afraid that even with the great interest in tatting on the internet, there still is not a big demand for tatting supplies. Fortunately we can get so many of our supplies over the internet these days, but it's always nice to see items in person. They also had all the supplies together.

    Also, very sorry to read about Jake. Such a wonderful companion. Loved his hat!

    1. Thanks, that was one of the shuttles, I made last year.