Saturday, May 30, 2015

Invaluable Tool!

My Mom,  gave me this awesome board, for my birthday!   It's called a Boogie Board,  it's to replace post it notes.   It reminds me of an etch-a-sketch.  It has a blank screen and the writing is green.  When  you're done,  slide the black tab, on the top, over and hit the erase button.  I went to the dollar store and bought a sleeve for a 10 " tablet and adjusted it to fit the board.   The board is about 9" X 5".  I love it!  It's full of tatting doodles!   Once I figure out a design, I'll put it in my sketch book.  No more little pieces of paper in my tatting stuff!  


  1. I did see one of those at Christmas time last year they look like fun and my save a tree :)

  2. I bought those for my grandchildren for Christmas a couple of years ago. I never thought to ask if they like them. I wonder why I didn't get one for myself?

    1. Diane, you need to get one for your tatting. They are wonderful for tatting. You co use it for your tatting class.