Saturday, November 29, 2014



  The shows are all done an updating the sale pages on West Pine Creations.   This beautiful scroll work, opal is one of them



  1. I'm out of breath trying to catch up to all your posts! I can't believe how quickly you post and how many things you create, in different mediums! You could now be considered an 'elastic-band guru' - it's astonishing how quickly you have reached this level of expertise! And your metal jewelry is fabulous.. And, of course, there is your tatting (I love the embellished key).. Then there is the completely amazing ice fishing 'sled' your husband has made. I admire his ingenuity, but I'm afraid I'd be like the dog (adorable, by the way!), shivering all the way! Ice skating indoors was as close as I came to 'enjoying' winter.