Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

     It's getting to be that time of year!!!  My husband loooooooves to ice fish!!!  These are our two sleds.  My husband built boxes around the sled and built storage compartments. 

     The dog hates the ice...scared to death.  Once we finally pull him onto the ice, the freezy-cat needs a blanket to lay on.  He also needs another blanket to get wrapped up in.  Labs are suppose to be cold-weather dogs...not this one!

My blogs are usually a month in advanced,  so as today,  we are on the ice with 4 " of good ice!


  1. i thought Ice fishing was in the artic, In North Canada, did not know you did it in the US
    I would need a duvet and a blanket if I was with you.

  2. I feel for the poor puppy! You need to make him some quilted wool booties and a sweater ! :)
    I use to fish but I've never been Ice Fishing... I know I would definitely need multiple layers and blankets too!