Tuesday, July 30, 2013


     The shuttle I had gotten from Herrschners.  The shuttle is usable once you figure out how to use it.  The jump ring was removed and  a lobster claw clasp was added to remove it from the chatelaine.  The chatelaine is adjustable from 18" to 21".  This allows me to were it as a necklace or make it longer for a usable chatelaine.

       This can hold my tatting essentials, shuttle with a little tatting started, and my Air Force mini Swiss Army knife.  The mini knife has a nice, sharp scissors with it.  I had gotten the knife, when I was in the Air Force.

70 of 100 motif challenge.


  1. love it always do. I made one too and they are very useful. I'll have to post mine some day too.

  2. Brilliant, holds everything you need where you can reach it. Very nice.

  3. Love your little knife. I forgot to take mine out of my gear and it was confiscated at the airport last week....sniff.....

  4. Love this chatelaine - fabulous :)