Wednesday, April 10, 2013

     Boy, does that bring back memories!!  Do you remember them?  I didn't know they were still around.  My grandpa would take me there when I'd stayed the summer with him.  
     My parents stopped there on their way back from his house (now my uncles) and bought me some shuttles.  They sent me 6 Susan Bates shuttles.

      I've been experimenting with scrap booking stickers to see how well they hold up.  I had to add 3 coats of colorless fingernail polish to get a good gloss.  2 coats left the shuttles matted.  I also was experimenting with different colors of fingernail polish.  The polish doesn't seem to peel off, like the Lacis Sew Mates, but time will tell.  I'm not into bobbin shuttles because they loosen while tightening the stitch.  These shuttles have a breaking system, to prevent the bobbin from loosening.  So far I love them.

 Front & Back


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