Friday, December 22, 2017



     I have my work cut out for me.   A few things a friend sent me.  The rest I found at estate/yard/craft sales.  A large batch of whole and broken jewelry...bracelets, pins, earrings, buttons and necklaces.
     I just finished taking off the ear backings and any other appendages.  Next....
    1.)  Grind, sand and smooth sharp edges.
    2.)  Wash/clean/polish
    3.)   Add colorless, fingernail polish to any parts that have lost their polish, on the back side (prevents any reaction to sensitive skin from the pot metal).
    4.)  Reattach any loose stones/pearls and tighten prongs.
    5.)  Add any colored fingernail polished to plain areas or areas needing attention.
    6.)  Start embellishment tatting. 

     NOTE:  this is a very small amount of old jewelry, for tatting.  I have a huge stash in an old makeup box.  Like thread and shuttles, never pass up an opportunity to expand the lot.   


  1. Wow!!! I know it will all be awesome with your tatting!! :)

  2. Wow!!! While you do the work on these fabulous pieces, we'll enjoy watching you embellish them :-)))

  3. You always have fabulous ideas on exactly how to tat around old jewelry pieces. I certainly look forward to seeing your transformations! Merry Christmas to you!