Monday, February 13, 2017



     Tatsmithing is the art of silvermithing with string.  I started this, 5 years ago, when the cost of silver reached up to $40 an ounce!  Silver had been around $6 an ounce.  My husband suggest I tat around my cabochons (cabs),  thus starting Tatsmithing.
     I had been asked to teach Tatsmithing, but trying to find uniform cabs are difficult to find.  I cab my cabochons with a low dome and had initially wrote patterns based on that.  Since then, I had bought a few cabs and they had a high dome.  I had to adjust my pattern, slightly,  to compensate for this.  Since,  I don't feel like cabbing a bunch of cabs for a class, a fellow tatter suggested I use a button.  That way a person could easily find a button, rather than trying to find a cabochon...rock stores are going by the way side.
     Here is the start of my "Button Collection"...


  1. I love the way you came up with a tatsmithing, beautiful Work too😄

  2. This is beautiful. I tatted around an antique button from a great aunt using your Tatsmithing instruction book a couple years ago. I used Patti Duff's lanyard pattern for the "chain." This inspires me to make another.

    1. That's awesome, Karen, I wondered if anyone tried my Tatsmithing patterns.

  3. Fabulous design and workmanship!

    I remember when you started your blog and introduced your unique tatsmithing idea. You were quite successful using metallic threads, which aren't always easy to work with, combining them with cabochons. And your jewelry designing skills are extraordinary.

    The buttons are a great idea, and the possibilities are endless!