Friday, January 13, 2017



      A friend gave me a couple of ribbon balls.   Mom wanted to make some so here are our attempts.  Mom made the red on, I made the peach and turquoise.

Some pictures, while Mom was here. 




  1. Nice to meet you and your mum, it looks so cold and your look like you have a lot of snow.
    We woke up to a covering of snow this morning but now the sunshine has melted it, although the windy is very cold coming from the artic.
    Lovely ribbon balls have not done any ribbon work like that for years, it nice to revisit different crafts every so often,

  2. I bought some ribbon balls even though I could have given it a whirl they look like fun to make in fact that's why I bought them to take apart, but never did. The snow looks deep and nice to see the woman that brought you into this world she left behind at least one creative nice person 🌹😄🌹 love the pictures😄

  3. Beautiful ribbon balls!!! :)
    Looks like a wonderful time!!! :)