Saturday, June 6, 2015

shuttle collection

Shuttle Collection

     A friend gave me a gift certificate to Handy Hands for my birthday.   I had gotten the American shuttle collecting book and a large shuttle.   The shuttle had to be blinged up with the Frozen character,  Elsa.  

       While shopping,  one day, we came across some shadow boxes with a glass face.  I had some old shuttles and decorated it with them.   The shuttles I bought, when I was just starting to tat.  It was hard to find shuttles.  The shuttles could be found in Collectable stores from 25 cents to $2.  Two of the shuttles, on the right (in boxes), were my Great Grandmothers.


  1. I love the Tatting Shuttles book! Shadow boxes are a great way to display loved shuttles, especially if they're no longer used.

  2. Awesome "Frozen" shuttle!!! I think I could get a few people to actually try tatting if I had some like that(nah, they think I have too much patience and that's why I am able to tat). Love that shuttle!! :)
    Great shuttle shadow box!! :)