Monday, January 6, 2014


Turquoise Pendent (Part 1 of 3)

      I'm continually asked, how I go about designating and tatting around old jewelry.  I'll repost this section, in hopes it will give you some insight.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  If you have a special piece of jewelry, I'll help you design something special.  I will not design it, but will help you think it through.  This is how I go about designing and making a pendent around a doo-dad.


 Find a piece of old jewelry.  This was a single earring.


 These are the tools I use:  dikes, dremel bits (grinding stone, diamond grinding bit, rubber polishing point, and polishing brush...don't need the last bit); and a dremel.

Using your dikes, remove any appendages that would interfere with your tatted design. 

Use the grinding stone bit to remove most of the leftover appendages.  Next, use the diamond bit to bring the appendages down, level with the surface of the doo-dad.  Finally, use the rubber polishing point to smooth the surface down.  NOTE:  When using a dremel, hold it in your left hand, if possible.  This way, causes the dust to fall towards the floor and not your face.  Also, wear safety glasses. 

NOTE:  A metal file and 800 grit can be used instead of dremel bits.

Carefully clean you finished doo-dad.  I like to run the soft, rubber polishing brush over the piece to give it a shine.  A soft, damp clothe will also work.  

Finally, check the stones.  Replace missing or loose stones.  Use 5-minute Epoxy for glued in stones.  Make sure the packaging said "colorless" for the dried color.  Otherwise, the glue may dry yellow.  Use the outside edge of your dikes to gently push prongs back in place.
      Jane is doing her "Tat It And See".  Here is my day 1 with variegated crochet thread.  Lottie made me the beautiful green shuttle, using removable Tattoos.


  1. I do love dremels there is no limit to what you can do with them! :)

  2. Very interesting post! thank you for writing it, I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Gosh you find some amazing old jewelry - this turquoise earring is beautiful and look forward to the finished pendant. Those tools look frightening though, especially in the wrong hands!

  4. Looking forward to reading your instructions. I'm pretty timid with trying something with jewelry. I get stuck in the box of the original use and sometimes can't see past it.
    Also looking forward to finding out what Jane has in store for us in the TIAS this year.