Thursday, October 17, 2013

Double-Ring Bracelet & A Surprise

    This design was inspired by Nina.  The rings are made with one shuttle, using a pulled ring join technique.  I made this pattern up for my needle tatting student.  The bracelet was made with Lizbeth, size 3, Jungle Green.

89 of 100 motif challenge. 

The surprise was this:

     A pair of gorgeous earrings from the cats (Umi & Tsuru).  We were asked which pair of earrings we liked.  I chose the pink ones and later she drew my name!!  The pattern was Iris's "Preferred Necklace and Earring Set".  Thanks so much, I love them!!


  1. love the bracelet, I made a blue necklace with that pattern, did not put the beads in between the rings like you did just inside where the purl ones are. I like yours better but I wore that necklace out. Look like you received some beautiful earrings too!

  2. You are most welcome. I hope you received it with the postage stamp intact. Enjoy the earrings.

    1. Yes, the stamp was barely hanging on. I taped it on better and put it in my scrapbook. Thanks again.

  3. I forgot. Your jungle green with gold beads bracelet look fabulous.

  4. Would you share the pattern? I love this!!