Monday, September 30, 2013

Smashed Pennies

     My sister and I are big smashed/pressed penny collectors.  On her visit, we went to the Oregon Coast.  There was only one penny machine and one of the pennies was a lighthouse.  We were visiting a few lighthouses and we picked up a lighthouse tote bag with a  matching purse.  We needed to dress up our bags with a few zipper pulls, so we knew whose was whose.

If you are interest in pressed/smashed pennies, Penny Collector.Com has the locations of all of the penny machines in your area.


  1. I love squished pennies...collect them where ever I go and they fill a nice sized jar. I always tell my husband that at least the souvenirs I collect are inexpensive :-) This is a clever way to use them...really like these!!!

    1. Most of my pennies are in a binder with coin sleeves. Each one is labeled and categorized by state/country. I couldn't pass up getting a few extra lighthouses. This is a great/inexpensive way to get souvenirs. Usually, if someone is going somewhere, I send them with a tube full of quarters and pennies, along with all of the pennies in the area (with the exact location). I see you have four pennies at your zoo.

    2. Funny thing. My dad is from Canon City and just got back from his high school class reunion.....they brought pennies back from their trip.