Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mayan Dooms Day

     In Tatters was having a tatting exchange, with the Mayan end-of -the-world as the theme.  You could either tat something Mayan or something old (for the new tatters).   Your item could NOT be sent out until 22 Dec, the day after "the end of the world".
      I decided to design a bookmark from the symbols on the Mayan calendar.  All was done in Lizbeth, size 20 thread.  The inner part was the symbols such as sun, clouds, don't know, manifest (done in autumn harvest).  The frame work was done in mocha med and the feet (every Mayan symbol had feet) was done in gold.  I tatted around the doo-dad to match (somewhat) the image in the doo-dad.
     I made two bookmarks because I choose two exchange people.  One person was from NY and another from Canada.  Don't worry...these were sent out at the first part of January.

45 of 100 motif challenge  (whew...what a challenge!!)

One of my latest designs, may post the pattern someday.


  1. Wow! very nice. good choice of colors and motifs

  2. Really impressive! Not easy to work out the design to match the symbols like that and the final result is awesome.

  3. I am very impressed, your bookmarks are really interesting and how wonderful you managed to get some of the symbols in the design.

  4. I love those bookmarks. Did you write the pattern?