Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Attempt at the Trolly Mat Pattern

     When a pattern is written out, I like to diagram it.  While tatting this pattern, I wasn't paying close attention to my pattern.  So I messed up the third row again.  This mess up I love and left it.  I added too many clover leaves.  They weren't supposed to be attached to the chains.  The pattern is called "Motif Trolley Mat", found in Tatting book 5, by Penolpe.  The thread was Lizbeth, size 80 in Wildflower Garden.

      This little coin box was in a box of stuff I had gotten at an estate sale.  I am a TEA drinker NOT a COFFEE drinker, so I had to do something to the front of the box.

 The inside with my yard selling money.


    The new and improved box.  I used an acetate film to protect the tatting.  I just love the way the motif came out!!  My split ring came out better this time.  I have to work on tightening my stitches next time I try it.

19 of my 25 Motif Challenge


  1. too many clover leaves? can't tell in that picture, but it looks darn good to me. Like the way you dressed the box.

  2. I don't see a mess up. I like it.

  3. What a fabulous motif!! Beautiful colors!! :)