Friday, March 9, 2012

     I had seen this pattern, turned into a gorgeous necklace, on Jon's site.  So, I made five different ones with size 3 crochet thread.  These colors are "subdued", in real life, so they don't clash with your outfit.  You can be creative and add beads where ever you want.  For the chain, I made the Josephine Knots (JK's) 4 1/2" and added 3 rings on one side, making them adjustable from 16 - 19".  I made the chain part with a needle, so my JK's come out nice an neat.  On the other end, I made a hook clap out of 18 ga. wire.  If you have a larger neck, you may want to add more JK's or rings. 
     To make the necklace, Jon had tatted half of her square motif pattern.  You can find this pattern on her blog, here.  Check out her site, she does wonderful work.  She has four, outstanding books you may also purchase from her site along with free patterns.
     Click on any of the highlighted/underlined areas to get to parts of her site.

Peach and cream thread with opalite beads.

Cream and peach thread with a crystal drop.

 Turquoise and black thread with glass beads.

 Peach and turquoise thread with opalite beads (this one I kept).

Purple and green thread with Cats-Eye beads.

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