Friday, November 9, 2012



     I found this doo-dad in a geocache.  There were three pieces with it.

     What is a geocache, you ask.  A geocache is some type of a container your find with a hand-held gps.  The geocache can be as small as a small film can to a large ammo can.  You must trade something of the same or greater value.  Most of the time there isn't anything worth trading.  But the hunt is what's it's all about!!!!  Go to and look up caches in your area.  You will be surprised what is near your house.  You don't need a gps for all of them.  Just look at the maps and the clues. 

     Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers.  This one was done in Lizbeth, size 20, Falling leaves.  It measures 3" across. 

7 of 100 motif challenge

Here are a few of my sunflowers, when we lived up on the mountain, on West Pine.

If you look closely, just above the flowers, there's the moon.

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Come see me and learn to tat.  I'm the one with silversmithed jewelry, humming bird feeders and of course...tatting!!!! 


  1. Lovely sunflower, gorgeous colours.

  2. that is a very pretty sunflower.

  3. I'm amazed at the number of petals on this, which took a lot of time and patience! A beautiful piece, definitely resembling a sunflower! Our group has similar events in December.

    I'm also amazed you found the doodad in a geocache!